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Insulin Vial Protective Silicone Sleeve Aqua

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Keep your insulin vials safe in this high-impact silicone protective sleeve.  Reusable and easy to put on!  Just slip vial through square cut-out on side.  Top of vial is uncovered so you can easily fill a syringe or insulin pump reservoir without removing the silicone protector. Keep insulin safe for travel and home. 

  • Protects 10 ml vials from shattering (see list below)
  • Soft silicone that bounces on impact
  • Easily read medication names
  • Easily view amount of medication in vial through side cut-out
  • Open top design for syringes and for insulin pump reservoirs
  • Silicone makes it easier to grip and hold
  • Great to protect Humalog, Fiasp, Novolog, Vetsulin, NPH, Levemer, Novolin, NovoRapid, Semglee, Lyumjev, Caninsulin and Tresiba vials
  • Note: Does not fit Humulin R 500ml, or Lantus and Apidra tall vials